Military Family Retreats at no cost to Veterans

2024 Minnesota Retreats

October 4-6 2024: Good Earth Village Spring Valley, MN

December 6-8 2024: Faith Haven Camp near Battle Lake, MN

May 2-4 2025: Camp Shetek Slayton, MN

June 6-8 2025: Osprey Wilds near Sandstone, MN

Group 118


That’s right. There is no cost to the families on the retreat.


“Everyone there was absolutely wonderful and has pulled our family from the brink of destruction.”
“The camp was a God send.”

“The retreat has given our family a boost of self-worth.”

“Members of your team should be very proud; your willingness to take action and make a difference for families is commendable and inspiring.”

“Everybody has their own challenges with reintegration, but it’s good to know/see/feel that it is normal.”

“I have really enjoyed the retreat held at Camp New Hope. There was clearly a respect and acceptance among those who willingly shared openly about their struggles, fears, and anger since returning from their combat tours. Never have I felt more secure and safe in the company of my brothers and their wives this weekend.”

“Project New Hope brought me New Hope. Bringing these Vets and their families together was awesome and successful. We are not alone, we are together, and with Gods help, we will overcome.”

“It felt great to be a part of New Hope. It brought our Vietnam brothers and their wives together for a weekend of fun & games, and to talk about our past as Vets and how to cope with our inner problems. If this would have been available to me 15 years ago, things would have been different.”

“I believe that Project New Hope is the real deal that brings a fellowship of understanding. I could go on and on about how really helpful the retreat was.”

“I, again, cannot thank you enough for the hard work you and the other volunteers do for Vets through Project New Hope. It is without a doubt the most rewarding & helpful session I have ever attended. As I said before what was really heartwarming to me was that there are still some people who really do care. Again, I can never thank you enough.”

“As a wife, this was a great time to meet and get to know some of the Vets that my husband is in group with. Also, a chance to connect with others. It was great to hear and share stories, tears, and especially laughter. Thank you so much!”

“My wife and I found a family and a renewal to continue on the path of being a Vietnam Veteran. Our life together has been enhanced by this weekend as we learned together and were able to leave the ‘problems’ of daily life behind for a weekend. God bless OUR troops in combat.”

“Project New Hope has done just what the name says, and I have New Hope … more hope. I feel like I can be me, open up, relax, fish, and eat great food. Everyone I met will be in my prayers every day. All the staff were very helpful to me. So thank you from my heart. I have brothers and sisters now. Thank you.

“Everyone there was absolutely wonderful and has pulled our family from the brink of destruction.”

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